10 Great Reasons For Not Starting an Online Home Business Today

Yesterday I was chatting to a friend telling him about the success I was getting from my website and the best home business opportunities and he proceeded to give me some great reasons as why he has not and will not start a home based business.

1. You work from home with an online business. Who wants to do that? You have to stay home all day and you won’t get to meet your friends.

2. You have to actually work or you won’t get paid. “Jobs that take an hour at my work place can be stretched out to days”. Now I bet you can’t do that when you work from home.

3. Cost. When you stay home to work, you’ll spend extra money on heating or air con. At least at the office they have to pay for the heating!

4. Making the wrong decision. You start working online for yourself and you have the make the right decisions or it will cost you. If you work for someone else your mistakes will cost the company not you.

5. Exercise. When you go to work you get to exercise by walking around the office, up and down stairs etc. If you were to work at home you wouldn’t get this exercise and may never leave the house on certain ‘busy’ days.

6. Travel. When you work for someone else you have all the fun and joy of the journey into work. This is when you can listen to your favourite album or chat to a travelling buddy. You never get this when you work from home.

7. Starting an online business can be hard. The rewards are not instant and it can be frustrating at times. Who wants that!

8. None of your friend will take you seriously because “internet marketer” doesn’t sound like a real job!

9. You are in business 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year – no time off!

10. When you start becoming successful people will start asking for your advice and noticing you. At least that won’t happen at the office.

If you go against my tips above, here are 5 home business tips to keep in mind when you first start your home business.

1. Set up a separate place in your home to work. When you are at your desk tell everyone to leave you alone.

Distractions are not allowed at your full time job, so why should they be allowed at your home business?

2. Set a work schedule and then actually work. Do not waste time online on things that will not make you money.

This means surfing the internet and calling it work does not count. Neither does playing games or listening to music.

3. Set up a blog even if you are using a replicated website from the affiliate merchant or internet business you represent.

Use it wisely to create content readers and search engines enjoy. Pre-sell your products before passing your visitor through to a company sales page.

Add videos to it to liven it up. Make it and exciting place to be and people will come back.

4. Do at least one form of paid advertising. Find one you can afford and do it. This is the only way to guarantee traffic when you first start out.

5. Work on long term traffic with free advertising generating backlinks. This is why article marketing, social marketing, and any marketing you do where you get your website url on someone else’s website is so effective.

Good luck whichever route you take.


Tladi Small