10 Great Reasons For Not Starting an Online Home Business Today

Yesterday I was chatting to a friend telling him about the success I was getting from my website and the best home business opportunities and he proceeded to give me some great reasons as why he has not and will not start a home based business.

1. You work from home with an online business. Who wants to do that? You have to stay home all day and you won’t get to meet your friends.

2. You have to actually work or you won’t get paid. “Jobs that take an hour at my work place can be stretched out to days”. Now I bet you can’t do that when you work from home.

3. Cost. When you stay home to work, you’ll spend extra money on heating or air con. At least at the office they have to pay for the heating!

4. Making the wrong decision. You start working online for yourself and you have the make the right decisions or it will cost you. If you work for someone else your mistakes will cost the company not you.

5. Exercise. When you go to work you get to exercise by walking around the office, up and down stairs etc. If you were to work at home you wouldn’t get this exercise and may never leave the house on certain ‘busy’ days.

6. Travel. When you work for someone else you have all the fun and joy of the journey into work. This is when you can listen to your favourite album or chat to a travelling buddy. You never get this when you work from home.

7. Starting an online business can be hard. The rewards are not instant and it can be frustrating at times. Who wants that!

8. None of your friend will take you seriously because “internet marketer” doesn’t sound like a real job!

9. You are in business 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year – no time off!

10. When you start becoming successful people will start asking for your advice and noticing you. At least that won’t happen at the office.

If you go against my tips above, here are 5 home business tips to keep in mind when you first start your home business.

1. Set up a separate place in your home to work. When you are at your desk tell everyone to leave you alone.

Distractions are not allowed at your full time job, so why should they be allowed at your home business?

2. Set a work schedule and then actually work. Do not waste time online on things that will not make you money.

This means surfing the internet and calling it work does not count. Neither does playing games or listening to music.

3. Set up a blog even if you are using a replicated website from the affiliate merchant or internet business you represent.

Use it wisely to create content readers and search engines enjoy. Pre-sell your products before passing your visitor through to a company sales page.

Add videos to it to liven it up. Make it and exciting place to be and people will come back.

4. Do at least one form of paid advertising. Find one you can afford and do it. This is the only way to guarantee traffic when you first start out.

5. Work on long term traffic with free advertising generating backlinks. This is why article marketing, social marketing, and any marketing you do where you get your website url on someone else’s website is so effective.

Good luck whichever route you take.


Tladi Small

How To Start An Online Home Business Without A Big Investment

If you are looking to start a high-profit online home business without having to pay a lot of start-up costs, you should look no further than eBay. This is the ideal platform for aspiring entrepreneurs with limited budgets. People can sell their own wares or market the goods of other suppliers while earning substantial sums of money.

The process is actually quite easy. You can simply post products that are relevant to a specific niche on eBay. Then you can do advance payment for a third-party. The third-party will then fulfill the orders of every customer by using their cash to purchase the related products from different online supplies.

There is no need to spend any money of your own ever. All of the funds that are used to secure products are supplied by individual clients. It is also unnecessary to maintain any inventory or look for storage space for warehousing the goods that are sold.

People will find that there are many other amazing benefits that they can gain by using eBay to build their own businesses. For instance, this is an incredibly well-known platform. People visit it all of the own time of their own volition. They do not need to be exposed to costly and strategic advertising or marketing campaigns in order to learn more about it. eBay has made itself a household name throughout the years and thus, many people already trust and rely on the services it supplies.

This platform eliminates the need for costly advertising so that starting a new endeavor up really is low in cost. Company owners do not have to worry about establishing trust with their targeted markets. This will come naturally given that buyers already trust this selling platform and know that there are many safety nets in place for protecting their best interests.

One common obstacle that people face when attempting to become online sellers is simply deciding what they will offer their markets. Moreover, these individuals will also need to learn how they will procure these things in a feasible and affordable fashion. These are other issues that do not exist with this type of business plan.

The best part of using a system like this one is simply the fact that the entire business plan is already in place for you. Prospective sellers do not need to have a lot of experience or a ton of resources. More importantly, once they have their seller profiles established, there is very little work that they need to do. Thus, this is one of the fastest ways to a considerable and truly passive source of income.

People have long been looking for solid plans that will allow them to start a profitable online home business without having to invest a tremendous sum of cash. Choosing to sell on eBay is definitely the way to go, especially when there is no need to build or maintain an inventory. All you have to do is create the seller profile and the system will do the rest of the work for you.

The True Facts About Starting An Online Home Business

To develop a profitable online home business to make money by using the internet all you need to have are few simple resources and the determination to actually do it.

It’s not about how clever you are, your education or who you know. It’s simply about how much you’re willing to put in to create a work from home online business system and keep it going.

There are typically 3 common thoughts about starting your own online home business:

  1. You just need to press a couple of buttons, and just settle-back as the money starts to roll in, or:
  2. It is a difficult and costly process, or;
  3. It’s a total waste of time, money and work.

The real fact is that all of the above are wrong.

Do you have what it takes?

The initial issue to keep in mind about setting up an online home business is to not listen to advice from somebody who hasn’t been there and done it themselves.

Having an online home business isn’t for everybody. Some folks simply don’t have the entrepreneurial drive to actually do it. For them it’s easier to grumble about their day job rather than really taking action to escape from it. They would rather count on the unlikely chance of winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance from some distant relative.

The greatest business opportunity ever

The internet is the greatest business opportunity ever But setting up your own online home based business won’t happen without effort and some initial investment of time and money. There is no reason why you will not find success if you’re prepared to give it the time, the work and the money it needs to get started.

The internet is where your online home business ideas can reach a worldwide market of customers who can buy from you at any time of the day or night. It is very cost effective for new businesses as the set up costs are significantly less than those of a conventional bricks and mortar business. It can take your message beyond the limits of where you are actually located and provide efficiencies and speed for business transactions.

In order to use the internet to your benefit, you have to draw in visitors to your website and explain about your products or services and you have to encourage them to take action. You have to get their attention and turn these leads into prospects. An entire new skill base has come about identifying the techniques of marketing your online presence, bringing in leads and converting them to prospects.

Top 3 Questions People Have About Starting an Online Home Business

If you’re just beginning your Internet marketing career by creating an online home based business you probably have a lot of questions to ask and these 3 most likely top the list:

1. Why do so many people fail with their business endeavor on the Internet?

The main reason so many people don’t succeed online is they approach their Internet marketing career with the wrong attitude. Mindset is everything when you’re starting any kind of new project or business and if you don’t absolutely believe you will succeed then you won’t succeed.

I believe it was Napoleon Hill who said: “What the mind can perceive you can achieve” and this is particularly true when it comes to making a living online. Most people are of the opinion that it’s easy to make money on the Internet which couldn’t be further from the truth.

And if they approach their new home business with this attitude they won’t be around for long. Building a business on the web from scratch is just as daunting and difficult as creating any kind of enterprise offline.

So if you’re focused on the task at hand, if you believe you can succeed and if you have the knowledge and determination to achieve your goal of success you will have a long career on the web.

2. How can I avoid information overload?

The answer to this concern is to focus on your final objective or your project for that day by avoiding getting involved with anything that doesn’t relate to it.

Absorb information that will help you with your current task and ignore everything else by filing it away. Try to eliminate all distractions from your work space including any information that you don’t need on that particular day. Maintain your focus and information overload will never be a concern.

3. What aspect of my online business should I concentrate on when I’m just starting out?

When you first begin you’re Internet marketing career you should try to make some money as quickly as possible so you can concentrate on building a long term endeavor without having to worry about paying the bills.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money fast and on a regular basis because all you need to do is drive traffic to someone else’s product offer and then collect your commission. After you’ve established a regular income stream you should then focus on building a targeted email list to help ensure your long term success on the web.

If you approach your home business career online with the correct mindset and you have a laser focus on achieving your ultimate goal then your chances of becoming one of the 5% who succeed on the web will increase exponentially.