Thinking of Starting an Online Home Business – Start with a Blog

Who hasn’t heard of a blog these days? In a nutshell, a blog is a web page that is made up of posts frequently updated. A blog can be much more than that simple definition implies, however. If you are starting a business with a small budget and little experience, then starting with a blog is an excellent way to get going quickly.

As soon as you sign up with a blogging service, you can begin to put your thoughts, marketing, articles and related web page links out to the world by publishing them on your blog. This is especially great for affiliate marketing. You can sign up with affiliate programs that complement the blog theme, and then put various content, links, banners and products on the blog. When visitors click on these links and purchase a product, you are paid a commission for getting the sale. Compared to building an entire website for the same purpose, starting into affiliate marketing with a blog couldn’t be easier.

Another benefit of choosing to start a home online business with a blog is that it is a whole lot cheaper than building a web site. Many blogging services are free, so compare that to buying a domain name and paying for the cost of designing a web site and you can quickly see the advantages. Add to that the monthly cost of web site hosting and the cost starts adding up real quick. A blog is a great alternative until the money starts coming in from your business.

A major advantage of starting a home business online with a blog is the fact that little if any technical knowledge is required to blog. There is no need to learn html or programming because the software is already there for you to use. Also most successful marketers agree that to get traffic to your site you must update the content often and consistently. With a blog you can add or update the content whenever your want without hiring someone else to do it for you.

Lastly, using a blog to jump into the online home business arena will give you an edge over the people who use a traditional website to market their business. Blog content is real-time and can be updated in a blink. Visitors can make comments or ask questions, and leave testimonials.

Blogging has become a viable alternative for online home business beginners who want to start making money at home but have little startup funds or lack in website building experience. Blogs are usually indexed quicker than webpages, and as a result, a newbie can start getting traffic and generate income quicker than through other online means. Do not overlook using a blog to bring traffic to your home business product or service.

Retirement Careers: The 3 Skills That Are Needed to Start an Online Home Business

Many Baby Boomers are looking for new Retirement Careers. They are worried that their current skill levels will stop them from creating a business from home. A lot of people would be surprised that hordes of internet business owners have very little experience with computers. This is an excellent opportunity to make money and learn new skill sets. The 3 following skills can be mastered without prior experience.

The 3 Skills Needed to Obtain a Profitable Online Home Business

Coaching Ability

When looking for online retirement careers, ask yourself if you mind helping others. If you do not mind sharing with others, this could be a fit for you. To start with, someone already in an established company will show you what to do, or what to study. This is the pay it forward approach. Then it is just a matter of duplication. The principles an ideas that you learn are then passed on to new business owners that sign up with you. The profits you earn are related to the amount of new business owners that sign up underneath you. The coaching comes from your ability to share the knowledge you gain. If you are being coached, you will be able to help people in a short period of time. You will know more than the new people signing up with you. A lot of companies have their own training programs. The new business owner just wants moral support. That is where you come in.

Apply Marketing Principles

Successful retirement careers in internet marketing involve implementing what you learn. Some new internet marketers take months or years to put what they learn into practice. Take action. This is actually an important skill. There is no reason why you can not start using a few simple marketing methods immediately. The company I am involved in teaches over 50 marketing methods. Most affiliate marketers find that a few free marketing strategies are all that they need. If you do not want to work with prospects right away, just tell individuals that call you, that you are new and learning. There are still those that will sign up with you, even though they are aware of this. This is attraction marketing. No longer do you have to phone your friends and family. Internet marketing is targeted. You should be getting calls, not the other way around. You want to be hunted.

Product Knowledge

Productive retirement careers in a web business are not based on knowing everything about your area of interest. If you receive a phone call you will typically field questions. There are online companies that take care of most of the product explaining for you. In the old days, you would have to know everything about the company you were involved in. This is no longer the case. Through automation, a person can be sent to your website. The landing page explains everything about the company for you. By the time the business seeker talks to you, most of the questions have already been answered. Quite often the prospect calls to find out more about you. They may already like the product. They are just calling to see if you are both compatible, and can work together.

As you can see, all the skills needed can be learned. You do not need to come into this with coaching ability, marketing skills, or the knowledge to explain every single thing about your products. There are many retirement careers available in affiliate marketing. Just take the time to find a company that interests you, and market that company’s products.

Starting an Online Home Business – What You Need to Know!

So you’ve decided to start a home business online and you don’t know where to start. You’re probably in the beginning stages of building your website and you have a million different ideas for what you want the site look like, and what the content of your site will be…

There are thousands upon thousands of websites on the web and many of them are very well designed. So make sure yours is pretty well designed also. This doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg on web design. There are many websites that offer templates and other free resources for website creators. But if you are just terrible with the internet world and lingo, you can hire a web designer/developer for around $100-$300.

Depending on what type of online business you’re getting into, sometimes you don’t even need to take on the task of website creation. In my case, I started doing business with a reputable seven-figure company that provides me with a ready-made website, so I don’t have to do anything but just promote the website they already gave me! So if you don’t want to deal with web design woes, this would be the best route for you to take.

When you are building your internet home business, your main goal is to get your visitors to make purchases. Your website should always have a direct call-to-action in very visible places. I once heard that you have about a 1 minute time span to grab your prospects attention or they’re gone! Use that short time wisely!

If you have a form for people to opt-in to a newsletter or insider tips, you make it possible to build a nice list of leads for your business. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t bought anything from you yet, the point is to get connected with those people who are interested in your product/opportunity so that you can send them updates and deals in hopes that they will then turn into a customer later!

Another important thing to have is a way for your visitors to give you feedback. This includes questions, comments or suggestions. Your prospects will love this because they will gain more trust in your business, which will incline them to buy from you. You will also benefit by being able to know what your customers wants and needs are! You can’t go wrong with that!

How To Start An Online Home Business With Little Or No Capital

I have had quite a couple of emails from my newsletter subscribers complaining that the internet is springing up with so many ideas and ways to make money online, but all of these are nothing more than ways to suck money out of poor individuals who are searching for a legitimate and genuine online home business. Some of them are of the opinion that you have got to have the technical know how to build and maintain a website or invest massively to have some one build this for you just to run your online home business.

I even had one subscriber email me saying, “the only think I know how to do on the internet aside sending emails, is surf the web, can you please give detailed instructions on how to start an online home business for someone like me”. Well, I am going to explain exactly how to do this with some of the cheapest and free tools and services available on the Internet. Let us start by building your first free website.

To do this, we will use a free tool called Blogger. This is used for creating web blogs. To set this up, go to and click the “Create Your Blog” button on the webpage. On the next page enter a user name, password, display name and email address. Click “Continue to go to the next page where you enter a blog title and a blog address. Be imaginative, these can be any names at all that you want. Proceed by entering the word verification code and click “Continue” which takes you to the next page to choose a template for your blog (these are the various ways your website will look like), click “Continue” and your first website/web blog has been created.

Now is the time to add some content to your blog, click the “Start Posting” button which leads you to a new page giving you the option to add content to your new blog. Fill out a title for your page in the “Title” field and then in the larger data entry field below enter whatever you want the page of your website to be about. When you have entered the text for your content, go ahead and use the formatting tools on the page to change your text, font and add some pictures. Click the “Publish Post” button to publish your content to your new website. It is that easy, you have just created a new page on your website all by yourself. On the page displayed you will see a link that says “View Blog”. Click this and your website will be live on the Internet. It is not rocket science after all. Everyone can do this.

You have just created yourself a website, but that is not what you want, you want an online business, lets turn your website into an online business that will make you money.

Return to your Blogger account and click on the “Template” tab. There is a link on the top of the page called “Adsense”. This is a wonderful revenue generating program that earns you money by placing adverts on your website. Go through the easy instructions on that page to create your own AdSense account and start making some money with your website. Every time a visitor to your website clicks on one of the adverts, you earn money from Adsense. You have just setup your first online business on the Internet. And you did it all by yourself.

Lets now tell the world about your blog/website by driving traffic to it, that is the only way you can make money from your site. You can do this by telling friends and family, fellow workers or by using another free tool to tell all the major blog directories about your new blog/website. Visit and enter your blog name and blog URL, check all the boxes on that page and click the “Send Pings” button. This will inform all the blog directories about your new blog/website and you’ll start getting some traffic from interested visitors to those directories. Repeat this each time you post to your blog.

Using Blogger and for that matter free tools to launch you online home business is a great idea, but it isn’t the best recommendation for building a solid business presence on the internet. To have a solid online business presence that you can rely on, you need to register a domain name and a website hosting account. A domain name represents your own unique presence on the web that you own and have access to all the time. Typical examples of domain names are and

Your domain name could be any word, or even your own name. It’s a good idea though to have a domain name that is related to the topic of your online home business. When choosing a domain name registrar and a web hosting account, it’s always important to go with a company that serves their customers well and has proved that over time. The amount they charge is also a factor, remember you are starting your Internet home business with limited capital. The company I register all my domain names with and highly recommend them is at: [] and the company I host all my websites with is at: []. This is only a recommendation, you can choose to use any other company you want, I have used these companies over the years and they have a proven track record for over delivering, that’s why I highly recommend them, especially as they are amongst the cheapest around as well.

That aside this website hosting company provides several start up online home business opportunities for its customers, one of which I highly recommend called the “Plug-In Profit Site” which is described in detail at: [] And it’s a very good way to start your online home business as this website is setup for you in 24 hours and it’s configured with 5 streams of automated residual income ready to make you money right from when you first receive it. In addition to the blog/website you setup a few moments ago, you can have the Plug-In Profit Site setup in the next 24 hours for under $80 which will add 5 streams of income to your online home business.

Starting an online home business like I said, is actually not an expensive thing to do, now that you have armed yourself with this information, you have absolutely no excuse not to start your online home business. Put in a little bit of hard work and soon you will be making a living online working from home.

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